Respected SQL Server Resources

For all you people that wonder where I get scripts and other cool SQL stuff I compiled a lil’ list of links to sites with good SQL Server content. Hope you will enjoy there sites as much as you will enjoy mine (hopefully in time). 🙂

    If you don’t know Brent Ozar you have not been in the game long enough… The Blitz scripts he and his team created are truly kick-ass!! Check out his site and enjoy their wicked sense of humour.
    Paul Randal, Kimberly Tripp, Jonathan Kehayias and a few other great minds do their work here. If you need info about the DBCC and locking and blocking issues, this the site I look at first…
    The worldwide organisation of SQL Server Professionals. If you are not a member but work with SQL anyways, you should become a member TODAY!
    Ever heard of Dave Pinal? He is the expert behind this site and an experienced MVP. He has this great blog with easy to understand explanations and examples.
    The official blog of the SQLCAT (Customer Advisory Team) guys. This is the team that Microsoft lets loose on all the truly high-end customer issues. They build some of the biggest and highest performing SQL setups around and blog about some really low-level stuff. Working with high-performance, VLDB’s or leading edge solutions, check out this blog for tips!
    Managing SQL Server backups and indexes has never been more easy then with his maintenance solution. You will never use native SQL maintenance plans anymore once you learned the power of his award winning maintenance solution. Really, this is a MUST know solution.!!!!

Read everything one these sites, remember it and you will be an instant guru…. To bad it will take you about 10 bazillion years to read everything, but still…. These sites and the people behind them have so much knowledge and experience, I can only be in awe (kuddo’s for the first one to post a good 32bit joke here). Respect for all them and I suggest you all follow their blogs, sites and twitter feeds. It will make you a better DBA, I promise. 🙂

Respected SQL Server Resources

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